Vote June 2018

We must elect competent individuals who will be beholding to the people who put them in office.

Candidate Watch

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Candidate Promises

We hear the same promises all along the campaign trail. I need to be elected again and I will fix the educational system, reduce crime, and create jobs.

What is their track record? Why should they be elected again?

There are 4 candidates on the County Council running for other offices.

Andrea Harrison - running for Delegate Dist 24

Mel Franklin - running for Council at-Large

Mary Lehman - running for Delegate Dist 21

Karen Toles - running for Council at-Large

They were all responsible for the poor oversight of the Family Crisis Center and mismanagement of our grant and tax dollars. We can do better!

They also are giving away $3.8 million in grant dollars -- which continues to go to the same nonprofits! What about the priorities of the County?