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We must elect competent individuals who will be beholding to the people who put them in office.

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Report Cards

Council Member Karen Toles get probation before judgment for reckless driving

Mel Franklin pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a November 2017 car crash that injured an Upper Marlboro couple.

Donna Edwards struggled with providing constituency services to the 4th District while in Congress.

Mel Franklin, Karen Toles and Andrea Harrison have a consistent pattern of directing their grant dollars to the Community Foundation of Prince George's County.

Also, they give over $3.8 million dollars a year in grants but recipients have gotten away with very little oversight and accountability.

And, how is it that we send 23 Delegates and 8 State Senators to represent us in Annapolis and for the most part, they all vote the same? It's called rubber stamp, don't read the bill, and follow-the leader?

We need independent thinkers who will not do as they are told but will represent the people who put them in office.

Stay tuned for the coalition for change endorsment of the best candidates to support the people.......