Vote June 2018

We must elect competent individuals who will be beholding to the people who put them in office.

Candidate Watch

Become an educated and informed voter before you go to the polls!

How to Get Involved?

  1. Join our email list and we will keep you informed of issues, activities and events in the County.
  2. Run for an Office - learn more about candidacy requirements.
  3. Know your Elected Officials
  4. Know your County Budget
  5. Know your School Board Budget
  6. Attend County Council Meetings
  7. Attend Board of Election Meetings
  8. Attend School Board Meetings
  9. Put together an e-mail list of neighbors in your community
  10. If you do not have a Civic or HOA group in your community, then enlist others and form your own community group; schedule monthly meetings
  11. Host a House Party - a gathering of neighbors and friends to discuss issues of concern in your neighborhood and the County
  12. Put together a list activities and meeting dates in your neighborhood and attend those events:


    Civic Associations

    HOA (home owner associations)

    Back to School Nights

    District Police Meetings

    Community Days

    Nonprofit Events

    Business Events