Vote June 2018

We must elect competent individuals who will be beholding to the people who put them in office.

Candidate Watch

Become an educated and informed voter before you go to the polls!

Does my vote count?

Yes, your vote does count. It counted for Obama and we need to take this same energy into the June 2018 elections for Prince George's County and the state of Marylnad.

Click here to see Early Voter Turnout in Prince George's County.

Did you know that ony 7.7% of registered voters turned out for early voting.

There are a number of candidates running for the same seat and votes will be close.

We must be better informed about who we are putting in office to make decisions that affect our lives here in Prince George's County.

We can not let the special interests and outsiders, control our elections.

We have close to 900,000 people and only 573,475 registered voters as of April 2018.

It's time our voices are heard!