A look at Registered Voter Information

Registered Voter Statistics

As of March 2018 - Prince George’s County had 571,787 Registered Voters.

As of March 2014 - Prince George’s County had 562,655 Registered Voters.

As of August 2010 - Prince George’s County had 514,177 Registered Voters.

As of December 2008 - Prince George’s County had 503,470 Registered Voters.

As of December 2006 - Prince George’s County had 442,488 Registered Voters.

For more info on voter statistics, or how to become a registered voter and voter information visit::

Maryland State Board of Elections

Prince George's County Board of Elections

Mail or drop off completed form to:

Prince George's
16201 Trade Zone Avenue, Suite 108
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Alisha Alexander, Election Director
301-430-8080 (Fax)

Email Address: election@co.pg.md.us
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